Lode mines have produced 554,737 ounces of gold and placers have produced 6,450 ounces of gold in Elko County between 1903 and 1959.


The Carlin Mine was discovered in 1965 by geophysical prospecting and it is the largest gold mine discovered since 1910. No regional surfaces show gold. Recoverable gold is finely disseminated and the mine works on a gross value based on volume. The gold runs about .3 ounces to the ton of rock.


95 miles north by northeast of Elko via dirt roads, reached from North Fork on Route 51 you can find placer gold in all watercourse, bench, and terrace gravels.


On US 93 just south of the Idaho line, is Contact. There are many area mines, The Kit Carson, Porter, Salmon River that produced copper, with a by product of gold.


In the southeast part of the county on US 95 you will find Currie. Southeast of Currie by 8 miles, is the old camp of Kinsley. In Kinsley the mines produced a by product of gold.

Deep Creek

Deep Creek is located 68 miles north by northwest of Elko on Route 11. North of Deep Creek by 10 miles on the west slope of the Centennial Range is the Edgemont district. This district produced about $1,000,000 before 1907 in gold. The old camp of Aura had many mines, The Bull Run, Columbia and Lucky Girl mines all were big lode producers. The area gravel deposits contain placer gold. The old camp of Cornucopia had many lode mines in the area of Lime Mountain, 80 miles north of Elko.


55 miles north of Deeth, on south side of the Jarbridge Mountains, especially south side of Copper Mountain, is the location of the rich Charleston (Copper Mountain, Cornwall) district. 4 miles north of camp on 76 Creek, near base of Copper Mountain, rich placers were discovered in 1876. The placer were worked heavily. Between 76 Creek and the Bruneau River, in Pennsylvania and Union gulches, Dry Ravine and Badger Creek, there are many placers worked in the early days. All along the Bruneau River for many miles, all stream, bench and terrace gravel deposits contain placer gold.


5 miles northwest of Elko is the old camp of Good Hope. Many mines in this area had gold showings. West of Elko 10 miles, in the Burner Hills is the old camp of Burner. Near Burner, area mines had minor by products of gold. South by Southwest of Elko by 27 miles, 12 miles southeast of Palisade by dirt roads, area mines produced a by product of gold. Northwest of Elko 28 miles by poor roads is the old camp of Merrimac (Lone Mountain) which had area mines producing gold.


Jarbridge is a ghost town in the north part of the county. Jarbridge district produced 217,800 ounces of lode gold from 1904-1959. The are mines produced native gold, electrum and silver.


Midas is in the west side of the county on Route 18 and 35 miles west of Tuscarora. The Gold Circle District (gold-silver) produced 109,765 ounces of lode gold and 45 ounces of placer gold from 1907-1958. Southwest of Midas is the Gold Circle and Summit Mines. Both were major producers of lode gold. The Elko Prince Mine produced placer gold.

Mountain City

Mountain City district is in the North Central part of the county, 75 miles north of Elko, in northeast part of the Centennial Range on the North Fork Fork the Owyhee River and 1.5 miles east of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation 15 miles south of the Idaho Line. For the entire length of the Owyhee River, gravel, bench and terrace deposits contain placer gold. North on Van Duzer Creek, the Van Duzer District and many old mines as well. The Cope and The Van Duzer Mines were chief producers. Along Van Duzer Creek the area was worked by hydraulicking. You can still find dust and nuggets in Van Duzer Creek in abundance. North of that along Grasshopper Gulch was some rich placers as well. Southeast to Island Mountain, is the Gold Creek Mine. All area watercourses, benches, and terraces are very rich in placer gold. This is the most prominent area in Nevada to prospect for placer gold. 8 miles north of Gold Creek, in the Alder district, area mines contain lode gold. Southwest 20 miles, the Aura District, in Bull Run Basin, extensively worked for placer gold.


Rowland is located about 30 miles northeast of Mountain City and 12 miles northwest of Jarbridge. This is the heart of the Gold Basin district. Area copper mines produced a by product of gold. All the area watercourse, bench and terrace gravels have been worked for years for its rich placer gold. Along the North Fork of the Bruneau River, small gravel deposits yield placer gold. South 10 miles in Tennessee Gulch, is the Alder District. 1/2 mile north of the Baker Ranch on Gold Run Creek you can find some rich placer ground.


The Tuscarora district is in the west central part of the county on route 18 about 42 miles east of Midas and 50 miles northwest of Elko, near the headwaters of South Fork of the Owyhee River. Area mines, especially the Dexter and Grand Prize mines produced a lot of gold. The regional watercourse, bench and terrace gravels contain rich placer gold. Many large nuggets were found. West of Tuscarora 1.5 miles is the Harris Placers which were rich placers worked by Chinese. Along Review Gulch there were rich placers as well. Northwest of Tuscarora 8 miles at the head of Dry Creek large nuggets were found in the old days.

Elko County Nevada Gold