On the extreme east side of Douglas County, is the Buckskin district, which extends across the Pine Nut Mountains and can be reached north form Wellington in Lyon County. There are many area mines. The Buckskin Mine produced lode gold. 2.5 miles northeast of the Buckskin Mine, in the stream gravels is the Ambassador placers in a dry ravine about .5 miles along a tributary of Spring Canyon. This area was extensively hydralicked for placer gold. One mile southeast of the Ambassador, on an alluvial fan sloping toward Artesia, is the Guild-Bovard placers, well worked and still produces gold the size of bird shot. In the extreme southeast corner of the county is the old camp of Silver Glance and in the south end of Pine Nut Mountains, in area of Topaz Lake, the old camp of Mountain House (Holbrook, Pine Nut). Many old mines in this area.


Gardnerville is the center of the Eagle District. The area mines produced lode gold in diorite and mines in the lake sediments. Southeast of Gardnerville 4 miles, in Red Canyon, is the Silver Lake Camp which produced a by product of gold. East by southeast of Gardnerville, about 18 miles, on Mount Siegel, in the area streams you can find placer gold and platinum.


West of Genoa or Mormon Station on the east slope of the Sierra Nevada range there are many old mines that produced lode gold. In the Tertiary gravel deposits you can find minor placer gold occurances. In the regional stream gravels, in Triassic sediments intruded by Cretaceous granite you can find placer gold.


East of Minden 20 miles, on the north side of Mount Siegel, in the Pine Nut Range  at an elevation of 7,100 feet, is the Mount Siegel placers. These placers cover 2,440 acres. All watercourse gravels in large depressions in the mountains contain placer gold. Sometimes this gold can be large. Concentrate on the ravines or on a hard clay false bedrock. Along Pinto, Dudley and Black Horse Gulches are the principle placer areas for placer gold.

Douglas County Nevada Gold